Wednesday May 11, 2022

Thoughts on brands, the passion economy, and the curiosity & creativity divide
A personality without a personIn an effort to unravel my love-hate relationship with brands, I’ve found that they are really just beacons of identity that we choose to endorse. They represent values that we either support or don’t, and then we get to spread the love by wearing, using, or

Wednesday April 13, 2022

The commodification of self-care, digital etiquette, and the future as collective imagination
Self-care cultureI examined how trends around wellness and self-care culture can tell us more about the dynamics of capitalism. Although this social movement came from a place of resistance to the toxic market, it has such a strong focus on physical objects and aesthetics that it was inevitably fit…

Wednesday March 16, 2022

Artisanal Intelligence, the blame game of tech, and the necessity of friction
Uncharted TerritoriesI recently attended IxDA’s Interaction Week 22 and shared the sketchnotes I took of the various talks and keynotes. If I had to pick a single idea to highlight, it would be from the very first talk on the very first day by Matteo Loglio of oio studios. He